Travelling with your pet to the EU

Since Brexit travelling with your pets abroad is complicated!

Pet passports that were issued in Britain are no longer valid for travel into Europe.

Dogs, cats or ferrets travelling to Europe from the UK require what is known as An Animal Health Certificate.  These are complicated documents over 10 pages long, often written in 2 languages.  Completing them is not quick and they cannot be done at short notice, because of the requirements involved.

To qualify for An Animal Health Certificate your pet must have the following:

  1. A microchip inserted at or before the date of its rabies vaccination.
  2. A Rabies vaccination given at least 21 days before the date of travel.
  3. Tapeworm treatment is also needed if you are travelling directly to Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Finland or Malta.

For further information please visit the government website.

Pet Travel Scheme helpline: Telephone: 0370 241 1710 Monday to Friday.

An Animal Health Certificate is valid for

  • 1 entry to Europe within 10 days of the date it is issued. This means that you need a new Animal Health Certificate every time you wish to re-enter the EU from the UK.
  • 4 months for onward travel within Europe and return to the United Kingdom.

Should you wish to acquire An Animal Health Certificate you will need to do the following:

  1. Give us at least 2 weeks’ notice for an appointment for pet travel.
  2. Book an appointment with our Official Veterinary Surgeons (OVS) Jess, or Ian.
  3. Advise us of the following information at least 1 week ahead of your appointment with us (or at least 1 month ahead of your travel date if your dog is not up to date with its Rabies vaccinations).

Please complete the following questions and submit this document to the practice at least one week before your travel appointment, including emailing any documents required to

We will not be able to begin the process of completing the Animal Health certificate until all the following information has been received.

Returning to Great Britain

Dogs must be treated for tapeworm not less than 24 hours, not more than 120 hours before time of entry back into Great Britain except for return from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Norway, Finland or Malta.

This treatment needs to be administered by a vet and recorded on the Animal Health Certificate.

If you are returning to Great Britain within 120 hours of leaving it you need to have this tapewormer treatment BEFORE leaving the UK.