Here at Aldeburgh Vets, we recommend neutering of dogs, cats and rabbits if they are not to be used for breeding. However we will always discuss it with you to help you decide if it is the right thing for your pet.

Neutering animals provides multiple health benefits such as; eliminating the risk of uterine infections, it can help some behavioural problems, and even reduces the risk of some cancers. Some of these cancers include mammary cancer in the bitch, prostate cancer in the dog, uterine cancer in the rabbit, and it eliminates the occurrence of testicular cancer in the dog. It of course also helps to prevent any unwanted litters appearing!

Neutering is performed on a day patient basis, this means we will admit your pet in the morning, operate on them by lunchtime, and they will then be home with you by the evening.

Most pets will recover quickly and feel back to their normal selves within a few days, they should be completely healed by 2 weeks post surgery.

All neutering surgery is carried out under general anaesthetic, please call the practice on 01728 598111 for current prices and pre-procedural advice.