Pet Healthcare Plans

Here at Aldeburgh Vets we currently offer two different healthcare plans;

  1. The Preventative Healthcare Plan
  2. The Unlimited Consultation Plan

Each plan comes with their own entitlements – please find details of each plan below.

If you are interested in joining one or both of our plans, please contact us to get started.

Pet Healthcare Plan

At Aldeburgh Vets we have our own Preventative Healthcare plan.  There are several benefits of using a Preventative Healthcare plan as a way of manging your pet’s preventative healthcare.

  • Your dog, cat or rabbit receives all the preventative healthcare it requires across the year
  • You save money compared to purchasing preventative healthcare products on a pay-as-you-go basis
  • You can spread the cost should you wish – or receive an extra 5% discount by paying the whole year’s premium upfront

What’s included in the plan?

Dog and cat plans include the following:

  • 12 months worth all of external and internal parasite control
  • Annual booster vaccination
  • Additional discounts on dentistry, neutering, food, Kennel Cough vaccination and microchipping.

We are the only practice in the country to offer a plan of this kind. For £22.50 a month you can have as many consultations as you need. This is particularly useful if your pet is on long term medication and requires regular check ups, or if they are a bit accident prone!

This plan aims to help reduce the cost of vet care, particularly for those that are uninsured. We like to help our patients to stay as healthy as possible, and by keeping the cost of consultations low we hope that we are helping owners to better have access to diagnostics and treatment. Please note that this plan does not include the cost of medications or diagnostic tests that may be needed.