Pet Travel Certificates

Everything you thought you knew about Pet Passports has changed due to Brexit!   If your pet had previously been issued with a blue passport, shown right, this is now obsolete and of no use! Sorry!

Pets can still travel to and from the European Union – and Northern Ireland – but to do so they need a Pet Travel Certificate also known as an “Animal Health Certificate” (AHC).  Unfortunately AHC’s involve more bureaucracy than pet passports as different certificates are issued for different countries. 

In a nutshell however, if you wish to travel to these countries your pet will need

  • A microchip (dogs in the UK must be microchipped by 8 weeks, whereas cats may need to have one inserted) 
  • A rabies vaccination AT LEAST 3 weeks BEFORE the travel date. Animals over 12 weeks can be vaccinated
  • An Animal Health Certificate which must be issued by an ‘Official Vet’ (see below) within 10 days of travel.  

Travel Facts:

  • An Animal Health Certificate is valid for 10 days from the date of issue for entry INTO the EU or NI.
  • An Animal Health Certificate is valid for 4 months of onward travel within the EU and for return back into the UK
  • Your pet needs to be issued with a new Animal health Certificate EVERY TIME your pet travels to the EU from the UK  – even if its within 4 months of when the last one was issued.
  • An Animal Health Certificate cannot be issued until at least 21 days after an initial rabies vaccination.  Note the day of the vaccine is day 0, not day 1.  
  • Our brand of Rabies vaccination lasts for 3 years, so you will not need to have a vaccination every time you take your pet abroad.
  • Jess is the ‘Official Vet’ on behalf of DEFRA at Aldeburgh Vets which means she will issue Animal Health Certificates. 
  • Please book an appointment with Jess at least one week before your intended travel date as completing the paperwork takes time and is onerous. 
  • Dogs must receive a treatment against tapeworms, administered by a vet, no less than 24 hours but no more than 120 hours (5 days) before returning to the UK.
  • The vet must sign and stamp Animal Health Certificate in order to verify this has been carried out to permit entry into the EU. 
  • You must enter and exit the UK and the EU through a Recognised Travelers Point of Entry.  Details can be found here
  • Please check the government website for further detailed advice as well as the most up to date pet travels guidelines